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The database, which is automatically updated via Internet, contains a large variety of icons in vector format. Using IconGenerator, search and select the icons you need, customize them and create files for your projects in vector or bitmap formats. Various icon sets are provided with different styles and specifications. Download the Windows or Mac application.

How to change your App/Folder icons-MAC OSX Yosemite

Install it on your computer, it's free to use. The icon database is automatically updated after installation.

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It contains a large collection of vector icon sets in different styles. Customize your icons by adding overlays and colorizing items. Select options and generate your icons in one single click! Generating icons takes only a few seconds. Choose an icon set, select icons and overlays, optionally customize them and generate the icon files in one batch operation. The IconGenerator database is constantly updated with new icon sets.

Here is a small preview of existing ones.

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Browse All Sets. Axialis IconGenerator is an icon production tool for professional developers, UI designers and illustrators. It lets you create icons in almost all existing formats, vectors and bitmaps , from a large database of icon sets made by professional graphic designers.

Vector Icon Production Tool

Using IconGenerator, you can search and select the icons you need, customize them and create files for your projects in vector or bitmap formats. Generating icons takes only a few seconds: First choose an icon set, then select icons and overlays, optionally customize them and generate the icon files in one batch operation Learn More. Generate all formats of vector and bitmap icons in minutes. Various overlay images are provided in each icon set. They let you illustrate actions or states associated to an icon such as "add", "remove", "edit" etc. Using IconGenerator you can apply overlays to an icon in a few clicks:.

Colorizing icons can be useful to enhance their visibility on a dark background for example or to be consistent with a user interface theme. Depending of the icon set style, two colorization modes are available: In Monochrome Colorization mode, the whole icon is colorized with a unique color which is exactly the one you selected. Dark or medium colors are replaced.

White and light colors are set to transparent.

Mac OSX Icons

See below how Axialis Flat Pro is colorized:. In Shaded Colorization mode, the icon is colorized keeping the original shades of grey. This applies to icons using shaded colors without borders or outlines. See below how "Axialis Flat Design" is colorized:. Overlays can be colorized separately to create more dynamic visual effects:. For pixel-perfect results , icons are aligned on a fixed grid. This avoids blurry lines when rendering icons at small sizes. Most of icon sets, designed for use in general projects, contain only one alignment grid.


For example, Axialis Line Design icons are aligned on a 21x21 grid:. For use in Ribbons or Toolbars , some sets contain 2 different grids for large and small icons. For example, Axialis Flat Pro contains icons aligned on 16x16 and 32x32 grids:.

Axialis IconGenerator has a free license. You can download, install and use all its features freely without limit of time. Icon sets have 3 different licenses types: Learn how to create coloured folders. Using text in your icon can be useful to tag files or folders. Add emoji for a more playful result. Beware of the smiling poop! Background removal, icon restoration and much more Image2icon can make icons from any file or folder, not just images.

You can apply the icon to any file, use it in templates or convert it in png or jpeg. Remove your image background in a few clicks for optimal results. Watch Video. Wash your files to restore their default Mac OS X icon. Batch export multiple icons in one single shot. Tune your picture to obtain the best result. Favicons and icons for the web? No problems! Image2icon pro features exporting in multiple favicon formats: Watch all the favicon export options. We have some free features for you!

It's called Iconographer, we designed it to help us create our application icons plus related icons and we use it to customize our Macs, making it quicker for us to recognize certain folders or disks.

Product Overview

We built a brand new editor, specialized in the task of creating icons. While we were building the editor, we were also actually using it to design icons eating your own dog food and so we're very proud of this editor, here's a list of some of the features. Creating icons is only one step in the process, once you've designed the perfect Icon, you still need to make sure it looks good.

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