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[ubuntu] installing on Macbook Pro without OSX or CD drive

When the installation finishes, the computer will reboot—straight into Mac OS X! See the below note if it doesn't boot, though. You must now proceed with fixing it up in various ways If by chance your computer won't boot, try booting the Ubuntu installer but click Try Ubuntu to run it in its live CD mode. With any luck, OS X will start up again, and you can proceed with step 8.

Installing Linux Mint on a Mac - Part 1 - Krazy Ken's Tech Misadventures

If you've followed the directions, your computer should now be booted into OS X, looking very much like it did before. Ubuntu is installed, however, and your disk has a hybrid MBR. You must now take steps to return the hybrid MBR to a safer protective MBR, as the GPT standard requires, and to set up a boot loader that enables you to select which OS to boot when the computer powers up.

To do so, follow these steps:. The rEFInd installation instructions presented here are simplified. For the full instructions, including some variants, see the rEFInd installation page.

How to Install and Dual-Boot Ubuntu on Mac

If you're using a 3. At this point, it should be possible to boot Linux by rebooting the computer and selecting one of the vmlinuz- version entries in rEFInd's menu. If this doesn't work, continue with the main procedure described here At this point, if you did everything exactly correctly, you should be able to boot Ubuntu in EFI mode. When you reboot, your rEFInd menu should include a new Ubuntu option, as shown below.

Select it and your GRUB menu should appear; it will resemble the one shown earlier, although it may use a different font and color scheme.

1. Download Ubuntu

It's no longer needed, but OS X may want free space where it resides in the future. You can use GParted, parted , gdisk , or any other partitioning tool to delete this partition. Although my own system doesn't seem to suffer from its presence, it's conceivable that some Macs will experience boot-time slowdowns because of the presence of the BIOS version of GRUB's boot code in the hard disk's MBR.

Install Ubuntu Server

Be very careful with that command, though! If you write too much data in this way, you can damage your partition table! If you've not used it before, you may want to peruse the rEFInd documentation. Although the default options work well for most systems, you may want to tweak some of them or install ancillary programs, such as an EFI shell program. The following line will do the trick on most systems:.

You can tweak this entry as you see fit. This will make the configuration more robust should the disk identifier change because you boot with a different disk configuration or you repartition the disk. Although GRUB 2 often works in a configuration like the one I've just described, it also often misbehaves.

How to Make a Ubuntu Install CD on Mac OS X

For instance, on my brand-new Ubuntu What's more, on my Mac, Ubuntu's packaging system keeps trying to replace grub-efi with grub-pc , which would result in an unbootable installation if allowed to continue! That said, some people say it works acceptably for them, and it's Ubuntu's default boot loader, so Ubuntu's installation scripts usually do a tolerable to good job of automatically configuring it.

I personally try to remove it as soon as possible after an installation, or at least shove it out of the way so that it can't do any real damage. If you have problems with it, you can switch to another EFI boot loader. If you've followed the directions on this page, my personal favorite is actually quite close to working: The major hurdle to overcome on this score is that Ubuntu This is why I recommended installing Ubuntu In broad outline, to use the EFI stub loader, you must:.

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When you boot, rEFInd uses the first line's options by default, but by pressing F2 or Insert when you select a kernel in rEFInd, you can choose another option set. Although GRUB 2 is supposed to be as easy to use, it accomplishes this goal by running a series of configuration scripts whenever you install a new kernel and updating its configuration file. This process can go wrong, particularly in advanced or exotic setups.

The Problem

Each has advantages and disadvantages. Unfortunately, you'll need to adjust either boot loader's configuration whenever you upgrade your kernel, so keep an eye on that! Some of that page's instructions didn't work for me, though; presumably they're either specific to particular Mac models or the page is dated. I hope you've found this Web page informative.

I realize the procedures outlined here are complex, but in my opinion, it's worth getting rid of the flaky and dangerous hybrid MBR even if doing so requires investing the effort described here. Creating a USB live installer is also trivial: I've added an update to the original post starts with a horizontal line and the word "Update".

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  • I found a video youtube. I changed the device name and file name: The video also suggests burning to a CD instead of a DVD, but Ubuntu has gotten large enough that that's apparently no longer possible. Here are the steps we took after downloading the ISO: Opened Disk Utility. So were you able to create the Ubuntu dvd for mac?

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