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With this latest expansion of retailers, Apple says, it is now accepted at 74 of the top merchants in the U. Apple Pay is supported by a plethora of U. Traveling abroad? Not a problem. Apple Pay is accepted in several countries and jurisdictions around the world—including the U.

Apple Pay Cash is a new feature that allows you to send money to another iOS user. Details on what benefits the new credit card will offer have not been revealed, but the new card will replace the one Apple currently offers in partnership with Barclays. Apple Pay Cash guide: What it is, how it works, and what it costs.

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How to use Apple Pay on the Apple Watch. Change Apple Watch app grid to list view. For in-store purchases, Apple Pay is compatible with the following iPhone models: For in-app purchases, Apple Pay works with the following iOS devices: What I like best about PhotoSync is that it allows you to selectively choose photos and movie files that you want to sync between your iPhone and iPad, and any computers on your Wi-Fi network, or with a BlueTooth connection.

You can even directly import photos from your iOS into your iPhoto and Aperture libraries. PhotoSync also includes a free Mac client for exporting images from your computer to your iOS device s.

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And like many photo syncing devices, you can use PhotoSync to transfer files to your Dropbox and Flickr account. The setup is very easy. With RemoteSnap's instant transfer feature, you could set up a Hazel automation to automatically open and display images as they are sent via RemoteSnap, which means others can view your images as you take them. On top of that, Picbox keeps track of which images it has already uploaded to your account. It does not erase your original images on your Camera Roll, it simply copies them to your account.

The best note-taking app for iPhone and iPad

This diminishes the value of the note archive, in our opinion, and we hope to see a more globalized search function in the future. There are times when you want a note to be easily accessible every time you launch the app. Bear gives this to you in the form of pinning. Swiping left on a note also gives you a quick way to trash a note and a More button that exposes a menu that allows you to share the note, export the note, get a link to the note, duplicate the note, or copy the note identifier to use in apps like Shortcuts.

With 3D Touch on iPhone, a note in your list will show a larger preview of the note, and if you swipe up from there you get the same options as swiping right on a note. For notes that contain a checklist of items, Bear uses the dividing line below the note in your list to show you your progress in checking off each item.

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You can tap the search button located in the upper right corner of your notes list, or you can swipe down anywhere in your notes list to bring in the search bar. Searching in Bear is incredibly fast. As you type in the search bar, the app is instantaneously surfacing each relevant note and highlighting the term in the note preview. Bear offers many advanced search options for those who want to search for specific phrases, notes excluding certain words, or even notes that have certain elements within them like to-dos.

You can find the full list of advanced search options on their FAQ. To compose a new note, tap the circular button floating in the bottom right corner of your notes list. In a new note, the editor has three buttons along the top: The information button serves a few purposes. Starting from the top, you see the following information and options:. While each Bear note is stored in plain text, the information section offers you seven ways to export your note. Exporting a note in one of these formats is quick with a simple tap and becomes a valuable part of the app if you are sharing notes with multiple people using different platforms.

When writing in Bear, your notes are displayed in a rich preview with support for inline images. Bear also can detect elements like an address, for example, and will format it to be clickable in Maps. Another natively supported markup language is Polar Bear.

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The keyboard shortcut bar is where you access all the tools necessary to help you write; from to-do lists and sketches to outlines and long-form pieces. Swiping through and tapping on the different options helps make writing in Bear both convenient and fast. While search is fast and near-instant, when you start accumulating a lot of notes or are working on a project with notes associated with each other, organization becomes important.

Bear offers two nice features, tags and note links, to help you get to the note you want faster. The tags feature is really simple to learn, but is also very powerful. To add a tag, use the number sign to hashtag a word.

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No matter where you place this hashtag in your note, the tag will now show up in the sidebar of Bear for quick access to that note or multiple notes. While typing out a tag, a picker menu pops up and changes as you type, making it easy to select a tag that already exists. To take your note organization further, you can have nested sub tags that allow you to break out tags under a parent tag. Each tag you create will show up in that left sidebar for quick viewing, and you can also customize how these tags look in the sidebar. TagCons are very popular and a great way for visual people to scan their notes list in short order.

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Complimentary to tags, note links allow you to link to another note. You can do this in two ways. The first way is by typing the title of the note that you want to link to in between two brackets, like so: The second way is to navigate to the notes list, swipe left on a note, tap More , and tap Copy link.

Within a note, you can launch a sketch by using the keyboard shortcut represented by a squiggly line. This will bring you to a blank canvas with a pencil, marker, and eraser tool.