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If you're all Cisco, 'show cdp neighbor' or 'sh cdp nei' will get you to the next switch.

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The amazing thing to me is, this far into the 21st Century, this is still the only way I could find to get this information -- i. What if you can't get to the Console port? Good stuff, thanks for posting this! My go-to Cisco command is: Another thing I've learned that is very helpful I'm still a noob with Cisco stuff is tab-completion and using a "? Unfortunately dumping the mac table and working through it is the only way to reliably find stuff and identify its switch port.

I've done a similar process with HP switches. Spiceworks has the ability to harvest this information using SNMP and will create a map showing which device is on which switchport. The feature could use some more work but basic components are there.

Find a host through its MAC address (Cisco) - eSecureData Inc.

Hey everyone thanks for the great feed back, it's really cool having this featured. SadTech0 if you cant to the console port and you don't know the IP Address you could use a tool like angry IP scanner and find the switch that way.

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Barring some major obstruction you should try to console in get the ip and start an inventory. Hope that helps. Keep in mind, in some security minded environments, CDP may be disable if it's not needed. It's one of those things that give out unnecessary reconnaissance info to the bad guys. If one of your edge routers gets compromised, it can be used to start footprinting your internal network. They are very helpful.

Find the IP Address of a Device connected to a Cisco Switch

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Find a host through its MAC address (Cisco)

My only has the second itteration. Hope that helps. Never be afraid of asking for a little help! Thanks again for your replies!

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In the real world like Scott pointed out just use the? Hi Scott A quick question for you. Regards Aj. Wow - I started this thread back in !

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Just browsing and saw it has been bumped. Hope this helps, MJ. However, the and continue to use mac-address-table. Router shows the MAC address's host is located through Port 5. There is a switch connected to port 5, so we run the command on the switch:. This shows the MAC address e.

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  4. Congratulations, you have now found the offending host computer! Login Create Account Login. Problem Tracking down a specific host on your network through its MAC address.